When to Call Experts In to Repair Your System

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General Querries!

Air Conditioning units require regular service to prevent against untimely or expensive repair costs.
Regular Maintenance or service has many benefits and while it extends the life expectancy of the system it also maintains its efficiency, reliability and its effectiveness.

It’s a wireless adapter that you need to connect to your Wifi account and to enjoy your air conditioning use from whereve you are just by one click.

Yes we will.

Yes we will.

This applies to the installation of a split system air conditioner. If the installation is “back to back” the indoor unit is placed on the same wall as the outdoor unit reducing the amount of pipe run required to connect the two units.

An Inverter system uses a variable speed compressor, which means the cooling or heating capacity of the air conditioning can be varied to suit indoor conditions.
This makes inverter units more economical & efficient to operate as well as quieter than standard counterparts.
These units will operate at a lower outdoor temperature and will bring the room to the correct temperature quicker.
Inverter systems are available as wall hung splits or ducted systems.

Split system residential installations generally takes 4 hours.
Ducted system installation generally takes 1 day.
If additional work is required the time frame may vary.

Airflow International is able to provide a quote on a new air conditioning system from your detailed floor plan s.
After assessing your requirements we can prepare a proposal which will meet all your specific needs.
Please click here [email protected] to email us copies of your plans and requirements.

Correct sizing of unit is determined by the following:
* The size of the room and the size of the windows.
* The height of the ceiling and the insulation in the walls and roof.
* The amount of people likely to occupy the area.
All the above need to be calculated correctley as if it is not calculated correctly you could have a unit under or oversized.
Airflow International recommends a site visit by one of our experties to determine the correct size unit for your home or office.

Yes of course we do give us a call on 18004Airflow if you are interested to know.

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